WaterCentre Board members in KTH marathon speak

During the celebration of 'KTH campus 100 years', WaterCentre board members Fredrik Gröndahl, Kerstin Forsberg and Berit Brokking Balfors will speak at the '100 speakars within 50 hours' event.

Time:  Thu 2017-10-19 07.00 - 09.30

Location:  Dome of Visions, Valhallavägen 79, also live streamed on web

Segment: Environment and Resources
Language: English

07:00 87. SEAFARM Algae cultivation for a more sustainable world
Speaker: Fredrik Gröndahl

08:30 90. Thinking in advance
Speaker: Berit Brokking Balfors

09:00 91. How to create resource recovery?
Speaker: Kerstin Forsberg

Other water related speakers are Jonas Anund Vogel, Sara Borgström, Anna Kramers, Paul Hudson, Semida Silveira amongst others.

Check in the webcast or come and join in person!

Full programme '100 speakers within 50 hours'.

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