Water Exhibition: Get Wet!

The exhibition has now moved from its' space at the Lounge, Teknikringen 10B to KTH Entré, KTH Campus.
Do come and visit!

This exhibition shows selected activities taking place across KTH that contribute to meeting the global challenge of water.

Exhibiton time: 2018-08-29 - 2018-09-28


Mistra Terraclean
Ulrica Edlund, Programme Director (KTH)

Paper filters for water purification
Anna Ottenhall
Josefin Illergård

Sediment Color Tool: Empowering local drillers for safe water provision
Prosun Bhattacharya

Abdusalam Uheida
Joydeep Dutta

Eat algae
Fredrik Gröndahl

Internet of Things for Water Distribution Systems
Carlo Fischione
Rong Du

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