Brown Bag Lunch: Wicked waters – potentials and needs for collective learning

Time:  Thu 2018-02-15 12.00 - 13.00

Lecturer: Sara Borgström

Presentation in pdf: WickedWaters - Potentials and needs for collective learning (pdf 1.6 MB)

A reflection from participatory observation of the Water Saving Challenge Project.

Collaboration, cross-sectoral dialogues and broad participation are argued for as key measurements in almost all sustainable development policies including water challenges.
This seems logic given that the present complex challenges require combination of a diversity of knowledge, and multi-scale and multi-sector approaches.

Easier said than done and independent on what actor you represent you find yourself in yet another workshop addressing a pressing sustainability challenge with post-its that might lead to progress and solutions or might not.
From my observations and dialogues with participants in the Water Saving Challenge Project lead by Christian Pleijel (BBL Feb 1st) I share my reflections of critical ingredients to enable long-term collective learning while addressing water as a wicked problem.

Dr. Sara Borgström
Assistant Professor in Sustainable Urban Development at KTH, Royal Institute of Technology

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