Digital water projects take off

Published May 02, 2017

On the 19th of April, the two water projects within the initiative Digital Demo Stockholm (DDS) picked up momentum through a workshop at KTH and a site visit at Lovö water works. The DDS is an initiative from City of Stockholm to explore how the city and its infrastructures can be transformed and improved using information and communication technology. KTH is one of the partners in this initiative, together with Stockholm County Council, ABB, Ericsson, Scania, Skanska, and Vattenfall.

One project, led by Stockholm Water and Waste Company, looks at management of water distribution in the demonstration area of Blackeberg in the west of Stockholm. On-line and high-resolution measurements of a number of parameters - such as flow, pressure, sound and temperature - is to be collected in an Open Data environment to enable advanced network analysis and leak detection, but also to facilitate product development and new data applications. KTH’s involvement in this activity is being led by Carlo Fischione at Department of Networks and Systems Engineering.

Water quality, health and safety are in focus in the other of the two projects, known as iWater. By using a multitude of sensors to be placed strategically around the main water source of Lake Mälaren, in the distribution network and the storm water system, the quality of the city’s water supply can be safeguarded from a life cycle perspective. The Stockholm Water and Waste company wants to increase their knowledge on their raw water quality in order to have an optimized treatment of the water. Hardware suppliers, product developers and researchers are now working together with the city to this end. Vladimir Cvetkovic at the Department for Sustainable Engineering, Environment and Development (SEED) is coordinating the KTH participation in the iWater project.

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