KTH water research at Nobel Museum

Published Jun 09, 2017

On Saturday June 3, researchers from across KTH demonstrated path-breaking water innovations during an exhibition organised by the Nobel Museum in collaboration WaterCentre@KTH.

Our part of the exhibition focused on novel water treatment technologies using and enhancing nature’s own purification processes. Anna Ottenhall and Josefin Illergård from School of Chemical Engineering at KTH showed how tree fibres can be used to capture bacteria in water. Joydeep Dutta, Abdusalam Uheida, Karthik L Kunjali and Fei Ye, from the School of Engineering Sciences at KTH demonstrated how sunlight can be used not only to purify water, but also to generate hydrogen for fuel cells. From the School of Architecture and the Built Environment, Arifin Sandhi (in collaboration with Tommy Landberg from Stockholm University), illustrated the fascinating abilities of plants to clean water from - for example - heavy metals.

Swedish and international visitors of all ages showed great interest in the exhibition and also had the chance to try some of our hands-on experiments, including a “bacteria” catching contest. Great fun – and hopefully an inspiration for a more sustainable future!

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