Water for Health and Nutrition

SIANI Expert group coordinator: Helfrid Schulte-Herbrüggen1 
1 KTH Royal Institute of Technology,

Department for Sustainable Development, Environmental Science and Engineering (SEED)


More about SIANI

The vision of the UN Sustainable Development Goals is that all people have access to safe water, sanitation and nutrition. These are not only basic human needs, but are also intricately connected in ways that affect both human and environmental health. Research within the SIANI network explores these connections - for a healthier world.

Despite obvious linkages between water, sanitation, food and nutrition security, these are often dealt with as isolates issues in separate sectors. Examples of linkages are: a) the importance of WASH (water, sanitation and hygiene) for nutritional uptake in humans and b) recycling of plant nutrients and energy from sanitary waste. A SIANI (Swedish International Agricultural Network Initiative) Expert Group consisting of researchers and practitioners aims to identify the most important linkages and explore how to work in an integrated way. Key aspects explored include Phytoremediation technology (research done by KTH and Stockholm University) and Recovery of plant nutrients and energy from sanitary waste (Stockholm Environment Institute and KTH).

We aim to learn from the Swedish experience among researchers, practitioners and companies and investigate how lessons can be applied globally and in low-income countries.

SIANI Contributors

Daniel Ddiba and Prosun Bhattacharya (KTH), Arifin Sandhi (KTH/SU), Linus Dagerskog, Sarah Dickin, Arno Rosmarin and Kim Andersson (SEI), Björn Schulte-Herbrüggen and Viveka Mäkelä (SRC), Erik Karltun (SLU) Eva-Lotta Ekström (Uppsala University), George Obondo, Mathews Tolombolombo, Hanna Brandvik and Ngolia Kimanzu (Salvation Army International Development), Noumbissi Tenku (Eko Relief), Tobias Robinson (Tyréns), Mats Johansson (Ecoloop), Anna Richert (WWF), Mattias Brunander (Action Aid), Johan Wikström (SCB) and Manuel Fulchiron (GWP).

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